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Ten Ways to Keep a Septic System Healthy
•. Keep all toxic and hazardous chemicals out of the system. Use only household cleaners that are labeled safe for septic systems.

•. Keep all foreign solids (cat box litter, cigarette filter, paper towels, hygiene products, baby wipes, etc.) out of the system.

•. Minimize dumping of fats and cooling oils down the drain.

•. Be conservative in your water use. Space out laundry - don't do a whole week at one time. Consider low-flush toilets and low flow faucets.
Fix all water leaks promptly.

•. Maintain adequate vegetation cover over the drainfield.
6. Keep surface waters away from the tank and drainfield.

7. Keep heavy vehichles and equipment off of the drainfield.

8. Have the system inspected from time to time by a professional septic system contractor.

9. Keep a drawing of the system showing locations of the tank, drainfield and any electrical components.

10. Keep maintenance records such as when the system was pumped and any repairs.