Guadalupe Wastewater Company
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Our systems are designed in house by our Registered Professional Sanitarian and OSSF Site Evaluator. Each system is designed to the unique specifications in accordance with your site conditions and TCEQ construction standards.
We design and install many types of septic systems. Our focus is on quality, long-term solutions achieved by combining thoughtful system design and quality system components. Our Registered Installer II, along with an experienced work crew, will install your system to exacting specifications.
A 2-year monitoring contract is included with any new aerobic system. After the initial period, we will be happy to provide you with a yearly maintenance contract. Our qualified service technicians will visit your home or commercial operation three times per year to monitor and help maintain your aerobic system. The technician will go through a comprehensive check list and provide you a copy of the checklist before he leaves your property. Even if we didn't install your system, we will be happy to provide you with yearly maintenance coverage.
We will be happy to assist in repairing your system, whether it be aerobic, conventional, etc., even if we did not install the system. Our service trucks carry a wide array of materials needed to bring your system back to a condition such that it functions as originally designed.
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